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Quick tip for you?

Send me a quick question about language learning and I´ll try to send you a quick suggestion to try.  You can use the comments box or e-mail.  Or do you have a suggestion for us to try, perhaps a favourite … Continue reading

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“You are right”: fun with phrases from a friend´s e-mail

This morning I received an e-mail from a friend in Poland, explaining that they say TY MASZ RACJĘ  “you have right” whereas we would say “you are right”.  The message was all in English apart from those three words.  Klaudia … Continue reading

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Listening Speaking Reading Writing

When we were growing up and learning our first language, we listened and watched for a year or two, then spoke then began to look at words, trying to get the hang of reading, then tried to write our names … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello, I´m Jenny Sayell, linguistic butterfly and blogger.  Here you will find ideas to make language learning more fun.  Join in!  This material is not subject to copyright, please help yourself.  An acknowledgement is always appreciated.

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