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Please watch two videos, two minutes each, on this link:  For most of history we learned languages without going to school.  Many people were discouraged at school, when they came to learn languages.  The world of language learning is exploding into new fun ways of doing things.  Now you … Continue reading

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Free help with extra listening

Plenty of listening is what turns a wall of strange sound into messages you understand. Try an internet search on Free (your target langauge) podcast for fresh, authentic material and leads to new interests.   I tried FREE DUTCH PODCAST this morning … Continue reading

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Quick tip – a German song title to lift you head above the clouds

Reinhard Mey – Über den Wolken (above the clouds) Youtube has his songs and interviews.  RM sings in German, French and Dutch and is one of the most prolific German singer-songwriters, a Berliner.  His delivery is clear and he chooses interesting subject … Continue reading

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Quick tip – an Italian song to brighten your day

FABRIZIO DE ANDRE” BOCCA DI ROSA” You can find the video on youtube My thanks today are to Lourenço from Portugal.  We had been talking about the value of short posts.  His site: let things come to your heart – … Continue reading

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Bridge languages – great for camping

The other day I was discussing with an American lady the concept of bridge languages, where people who don´t necessarily know the language of the person they are speaking to, but can communicate via a third language.  Often people use … Continue reading

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Build your future. Credit: RALPH MARSTON

This post is a direct quote from Ralph Marston who runs a site called  the Daily Motivator which does exactly what it says it will do.  His message today seems to me to apply very well to language learning so … Continue reading

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The Absolute Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages

DIY image, visualize A path through the trees   “The Absolute Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages” is the title of a six-minute great-fun video by Claude Cartaginese about the book he has edited, FREE!! or 16$95 on Amazon.  The … Continue reading

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