Quizzes for enjoyment

Enjoy a quiz

They are fun to do, try one!

Choose a relevant quiz

Choose a ready-made quiz for your language and level. One good site to try is http://en.bab.la/quiz/

If you speak no foreign languages, why not try Dutch and aim for a result of over 25% (the target score for pure guesswork).

EXAMPLE:  Here is what I tried the other day:

  • http://en.bab.la/quiz/ QUIZ SECLECTION
  • I speak (English)
  • I want to learn (Polish)
  • My level (easy)
  • Keywords (blank)

RESULT: I scored 40% on my Polish quiz about autumn because I am only at the very early stages of learning it.

At the easy level more than ten languages are possible.  The only one I found blank was Arabic.  You could choose from German and Spanish, which had the best variety, followed by French and Portuguese, then Japanese, Chinese and Russia.  Italian, Hindi, Korean, Swedish, Dutch and Romanian also featured.

Calling all Arabic speakers, I have a question for you:  Could you create your own quiz for other people to use with the ready-made template on the link below?


I haven’t yet investigated the higher attainment levels at bab.la but you could.  Other quiz sites can be found by doing a search using QUIZ and the name of the LANGUAGE you are learning.  You could also try sites such as the BBC.

Repeat the vocabulary you met

If you try a quiz which turned out to be too challenging,  note a few of the words you met then take the quiz again another time.  It is best to go away and play with the new words in between whiles, to find ways of remembering them (by linking something about them to words they already remind you of).   There are many memory methods around to try. 

Computer quizzes are ideal for repetition,  and you can so easily measure the progress you are making.


About Fun with languages

Blogging about learning languages, making it fun Hobbies: paragliding, cycling, reading, BBC radio 4.
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