Danish anyone?

Earlier I was thinking about songs as a way of learning languages and noticed that Danish was one of the languages missing from the list available at the musictv site, so I went hunting. Here is one I found just by putting Danish Music into the google search box.
http://allcharts.org/music/denmark/singles.htm  seems like a good site because they list the current hits in the Danish Singles Chart and include videos.
Another interesting site which came up is one of the subsections of the official web site of Denmark.http://www.denmark.dk/en/menu/Lifestyle/ArtsAndCulture/Music/

They have seven main menu items. One of these is  Lifestyle.  As you can see from the link above, music comes under  Lifestyle in Arts and Culture. Other possibilities in the Lifestyle menu are shown here in green. What a tempting choice! I have never been to Denmark, what about you?


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3 Responses to Danish anyone?

  1. Purl Grey says:

    I was in Denmark for one day, a long time ago, for a stroll in Helsingør. I’d like to go back one day. I’m learning Danish with Rosetta Stone, which is a great program, but I’d like to do more with listening. I find that as much as I learn vocabulary and pronunciation, I have the most trouble understanding the spoken language.

    • Hi Purl
      Interesting that you recommend Rosetta Stone. Two of the linguists I admire, Benny and Moses (more about Moses in a forthcoming post), do not seem to like it, but I would have to go back and listen again to their conversation to see if I can find out why. Assimil and Teach Yourself were preferred. That surprised me because what I have see of the Rosetta Stone publicity material makes me think that I would like to buy it, price being a disadvantage.
      Yes, listening is the skill I find the most difficult in German, compared with writing, speaking (and gestures) and reading. I have been hearing some fascinating interviews (in English) and watching a few youtube videos about whether it is better to listen first or speak straight away. You have inspired me to go and write about it to see what ideas we can come up with between us.
      One of the things I love about learning a language, even if it is only a few phrases to go on holiday with, is the things you discover about the country and its people. Now I am going to find out a few things about Helsingør. That reminds me, how do you pronounce that ø?

  2. Purl Grey says:

    Thank you for the tip about Denmark’s website! There is a great free beginning online language course there, with audio files.

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