Communication without Language (voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols)

A lot of the good things found on the internet are stumbled upon by coincidence rather than sought. When looking for “peaceful planet” the other day I found “the peaceful planet”. On that site a lady from Oregon was being interviewed about her ability to channel Gaia, the earth mother.
Somewhat sceptically, I listened and gradually found myself fascinated. Gaia had some reassuring messages to convey about the future of our planet, through that lady, Pepper Lewis.
Whether you have a corner of your mind open to that sort of thing is not really relevant to this site about learning languages, but here is an interesting thing: telepathy seems not always to require language (maybe never, I don´t know). Pepper was saying that she has found that when she is speaking in other countries, and she gave Germany as an example, she starts off using an interpreter. Before long, the German interpreter begins to pick up directly on what Gaia is saying, receiving the message at the same time as Pepper receives it in English.
Do you believe in telepathy? I think I probably do, and I think I probably believe that its use will increase. After all, it is a skill worth cultivating and learning to manage if you have the ability.
In the meantime, let´s get on with the other way of communicating, using voice, gestures or written symbols. It is worth the effort, and better international communication is one of the ways to make this planet more peaceful.
I looked up most of these words for to discover, come across, locate so please treat with suspicion, it is just for fun …

Spanish encontrar, discubrir
Arabic إكتشف
Chinese 发现 [fā xiàn]

Dutch ontdekken
French découvrir
German entdecken
Hindi उधारना [udhaarna]

Italian scoprire
Japanese 見付ける [みつける]

Korean maybe 찾아내다 or 확인하다 or 발견하다

Polish odkrywać (other possibilities given)
Portuguese achar or descobrir
Romanian a descoperi (other possibilities)
Russian Обнаруживать perhaps!
Swedish upptäcka
Turkish keşfedin

My thanks to the site where these were found.

But what about coincidence itself, is that in itself a form of telepathy?



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