Shopping in your target language before you leave home


Today we bought this Einkaufsliste, so that we can already have our heads in gear when we go out shopping. 

Since I read Benny´s*  light-hearted but excellent advice to spend every possible minute of the day thinking in the target language and speaking it at EVERY opportunity,  my enthusiasm has gone up several notches.  Although I already knew in theory that this was required, his whole-hearted attitude is infectious and he really makes you want to try harder.  Here is a link to his blog: 

One of his suggestions in that post was to wear funny hats or other things to make people want to talk with you!   So far I have been wearing my normal clothes but trying to smile and sound confident and up-beat, and to imagine that I am wearing a T-shirt in lurid colours saying ” Ich lerne Deutsch, bitte langsam sprechen” (I am learning German, please speak slowly).  Funnily enough, even without an actual T-shirt, this seems to work for me.

This list is fun to play with.  We will have to keep an eye on our guests in case they feel like playing too.  We are in danger of ending up with noodles instead of deodorant, or whatever other mischievous surprises they might scheme up for us.

 * Benny is the “Irish Polyglot” linguist I wrote about two days ago.

What about you, are you good at speaking “foreign” non-stop?  Comments please!


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2 Responses to Shopping in your target language before you leave home

  1. Great job! Keep up the good work with your German 🙂 I can see that this new approach will change everything for you 😉

    • Hi Benny, it is not often that I have the honour of a visiting Leprechaun! Thanks for your comment and thanks again for all the stuff you have produced on video, audio interviews, blog, e-book etc. I really think you have found some immensely valuable tips to make language learning possible for anyone. I love your nutty approach but you sure as hell must work hard to achieve all that fun.

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