The Absolute Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages

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“The Absolute Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages” is the title of a six-minute great-fun video by Claude Cartaginese about the book he has edited, FREE!! or 16$95 on Amazon.  The book´s title is “The Polyglot Project”. It is a collaboration by 43 authors, on a purely voluntary basis, bringing you the best method of learning a language.  The authors enable you to see which method would match best with your own preferred style of learning. You don´t even have to choose one, you can borrow ideas from several contributors.

More about this “polyglot project” can be seen on its home site:  Musings on Foreign Language Learning         …          and I heard about the book through Benny the Irish Polyglot ´s site Benny has zipped it, and made it available to others. THANK YOU!

To get your brain thinking the polyglot way,  read his post of 18 November about why Hungarian is easy.
What a bunch of stars!!


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Blogging about learning languages, making it fun Hobbies: paragliding, cycling, reading, BBC radio 4.
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One Response to The Absolute Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages

  1. Thank you for mentioning The Polyglot Project Book in your blog. There is nothing else like this book to be found anywhere!

    Claude Cartaginese, Editor
    The Polyglot Project

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