Build your future. Credit: RALPH MARSTON

This post is a direct quote from Ralph Marston who runs a site called  the Daily Motivator which does exactly what it says it will do.  His message today seems to me to apply very well to language learning so I have included it here.  

“Build a future

The more you take action, the more good things you’ll have
coming your way. You’ll come across more and better
opportunities, learn more things, and become more skilled at
getting the results you want.

Yes, you’re going to make mistakes, and you’ll regularly
need to adjust your approach. But that’s no reason to avoid

In fact, that’s a good reason to get started as soon as
possible. If you’re going to make mistakes, it’s better to
get out there, get the mistakes over with, and learn from

Don’t sit around wondering and worrying about what might
happen. Use your own actions and your own energy to
determine what will happen.

Don’t sit around building a list of complaints and regrets.
Instead, take real, focused action and build a positive,
fulfilling future for yourself.

Figure out what you want to create, where you want to go,
what you want to experience, and who you want to become.
Then get yourself in action and keep moving in the direction
you’ve chosen.

Ralph Marston”

My thanks to Ralph for solid advice over several years.


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