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It is time to make your language learning colourful

To learn well you need to repeat stuff.  To repeat stuff without sending yourself into a coma or boring yourself and giving up entirely, you need to add variety and “colour”.  You need to choose the right “colours” for you, … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas

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Winter warmth, avec plaisir, in Deutschland

Winter warmth was in evidence yesterday despite the snow on the ground. Eight or ten of us from the “Avec Plaisir” (with pleasure) French conversation class were gathered in an upstairs classroom passing round flasks of punch and coffee and … Continue reading

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Germany ends conscription – is that good?

Contradictory images thrown together by a Google search If the proposed legislation goes through, then from 1st July 2011 there should be no more youngsters from Germany called up to do their military service.   It means that the threat … Continue reading

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Move past the plateau and feel the energy again

Sometimes you feel full of beans, energized, driven. Great.  If occasionally you feel daunted, discouraged or sluggish, read on: Is there really a problem?  You don´t like analysis and don´t believe in problems? Then just get to work, smile, whistle … Continue reading

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Dialogue between Italic and Bold

The best way to learn a new language is to repeat what you did when you were a child, learning English: listen for two years, then speak and not worry about your mistakes. You will improve as time goes by. … Continue reading

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