Move past the plateau and feel the energy again

Full of beans

Sometimes you feel full of beans, energized, driven. Great.  If occasionally you feel daunted, discouraged or sluggish, read on:

Is there really a problem? 

  • You don´t like analysis and don´t believe in problems? Then just get to work, smile, whistle or sing to show you don´t give a damn.  
  • There isn´t a problem exactly, a plateau is a natural part of the rhythm of life, you just don´t like being there?
  • Nothing wrong with task but you feel tired or distracted?
  • The task seems too easy, not enough of a challenge, the novelty has worn off?
  • The task seems to difficult and long and you need encouragement?

Then you can look for The solution but solutions can´t usually be found it a tin.  Thinking through to your own one is much more likely to be of use.  What I can do is to pass you a “tin opener”  What sort would you like, an electric one or one where you supply the power?

Electric:  Call an expert, call a colleague, call a friend.

Self powered:  Divide the task into mini-challenges.  Read something inspirational then set yourself a new mini challenge.  Add a new element: creative, innovative or radically different, something physical, mental or just plain kind. Keep a diary as a way of acknowledging the efforts you are already making.  Take a break and come back fresh with the tin opener of your choice.


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Blogging about learning languages, making it fun Hobbies: paragliding, cycling, reading, BBC radio 4.
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3 Responses to Move past the plateau and feel the energy again

  1. Good advice. I like the idea of applying a tin opener and you are correct; supplying my own energy to power it opens up lots of possibilities.

    Thanks! – a nice morning read with a bit of reflection to finish it off. I like this.

  2. Sandra Lee says:


    These are great tips. I like the idea of dividing a task into mini-challenges. Inspirational reading always gets me going too. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sandra. My current non-linguistic challenge is to get outdoors for enough exercise when the weather is cold and the roads slippery. Mini-challenges might be the way to go. Maybe: 1. Get kitted up for some cycling before 2 pm. 2. Start pedalling, on the basis that a small distance is better than nothing at all. 3. Choose a day of the week, maybe Thursday, to go further.

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