Guest posts: cross-fertilisation of ideas

So far, all the articles on this blog have been written by me. Soon you are in for a treat. A Czech blogging friend of mine, Tomáš Vrubel, is going to send an account of how he is brushing up his nearly-forgotten French.
Meanwhile a story of mine has appeared in Canada, on the blog of David Pederson. The story is about how an idea is born. David has illustrated the story with some original artwork by Chris Hannon.  Without David´s encouragement it is extremely doubtful whether I would have tried to write any fiction.
One of David´s talents is as a team builder. He usually writes short stories, koans, to be savoured while you take a break. They shed light, in peaceful way, on difficulties in the world of work. See his fund of stories at

Would you be interested in writing something for this language blog or a story for koffeekoans? David says “We are starting the new year by adding a guest stories page. If you have a story you’d like to share send it to me via email at and I will review it with you for inclusion in the guest stories section.”
I would love to hear your viewpoint on learning languages. Could you write 200 words about it, or a fuller article? If so, please contact me.


About Fun with languages

Blogging about learning languages, making it fun Hobbies: paragliding, cycling, reading, BBC radio 4.
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