4 x 7½ = 30

Do you ever find that you set out to do 30 minutes of work and then find that it seems a long time and you would rather go to sleep? That happens to me in January and I have three ideas which may help.
ONE – dividing up the time
Say you wanted to do some listening practice, with headphones. Maybe the headphones have gone walkabout . Use a kitchen timer or the timer on your mobile phone to measure out blocks of 7½ minutes. ( This idea is borrowed from the “pomodoro” technique, which measures units of time in sets of 25 minutes. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian.) Maybe you would waste seven or eight minutes setting the timer and achieve what looks like nothing. It doesn´t matter, you have achieved a cherry, if not a tomato.
TWO – getting set up
Let´s say you waste another next seven or eight minutes finding the headphones or setting up your CD, or cassette, or downloading something to listen to. It doesn´t matter, just do it. Next time it will be easier.
THREE – getting started

Set the final 15 minutes on your timer and away you go with what you wanted to do.
Normally by now you will have reduced your reluctance and lost yourself in the activity. If not, it doesn´t matter.  Either way, you will have achieved some progress when your first impulse was to hibernate and that is worth celebrating.

Before long you will be speaking with real live people in their language.  That will keep you awake!

Any more ideas for staving off the urge to hibernate?  Please leave your comments.


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Blogging about learning languages, making it fun Hobbies: paragliding, cycling, reading, BBC radio 4.
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