Chanting: school under a tree

When I was about five, growing up in India, I glimpsed a group of school children learning under a tree. They were chanting in unison and each had a small slate and a piece of chalk. I think we were just passing by, probably in a rickshaw, car, or train. There was not a lot of time to take in the scene, but it has lingered in my mind over the decades.

Was it because of being outside instead of in a classroom, and of chanting together rather than learning as an individual? The slate and chalk had its charm too, maybe something to do with second attempts, being able to rub out what you had written and try again when learning.
In a minute I will return to the subject of chanting but first here is an image which belongs to another site, but closely resembles what I remember. It was taken from in Sudan. I know nothing about them apart from what you can read on their site but I notice they are looking for funding. Please check out their site in case you may be able to help.
Now, back to the chanting.  Sometimes it helps to play about with words when you are learning new ones. Let´s suppose that you were learning English and came across the word “individual”. A muttering of nonsense like the suggestion below might help you to get your tongue round the new sounds.

Indi         indi        indi   vid
Vidu´l    vidu´l    vid-u-al
Indi       vidu´l    vigil vid
Individual         vigil vid

Mumbo Jumbo checking out. Have you any similar experiences? Please leave your comments.


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