I give you a story

By the Mediterranean, where France meets Spain, lies Catalunya, the land where I lost my heart to Mount Canigou. The Catalan people celebrate their identity with singing, dancing, eating, drinking, speaking Catalan and telling stories.
Often these are the sort of stories where people pull their chairs closer, dim the lights, and listen together to a tale of days gone by, full of magic and humour. But once a year, on April 23rd, stories change hands in the paper form. The tradition is for men to give their ladies a rose and in return they receive a book.
“I give you a story” is the title of a library book I am reading in German at the moment, “Ich schenke dir eine Geschichte”. It is a collection of eight children´s stories from around the world, delightful tales full of fresh ideas and vivid characters the like of whom I have not met before.
I was so pleased to read in the afterword that each year, around April 23rd, books and reading are celebrated around the world, not just in Catalunya. It is also Shakespeare´s birthday and the day so many countries commemorate St George, the famous slayer of dragons.


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2 Responses to I give you a story

  1. Linda says:

    This is such a great tradition! I’ve never heard of it, but I love the idea. I also love, every once in a while, to read a children’s or youth book. Reading those stories helps me to go back to when I was a child and look at the world with wonder and excitement. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy all stories and to maybe join in the tradition of sharing a story on April 23rd!

    • Hi Linda
      Glad you stopped by. I was just reading on your blog about your creativity challenge for this year, sounds like you are really buzzing. You have also started me thinking about taking part in NaNoWrMo this year. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

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