2 Responses to Designing logos: a challenge to select the essence

  1. Tim Parish says:

    Sounds like you guys had some amazing paragliding experiences over there in France! Back in my flying days (mainly in sailplanes) it was almost all over pretty flat terrain.
    Thanks for the kind comments re the website – and all the best for your future efforts in writing about flying…

    • Hi Tim
      Just wondering if you have written about those days of gliding over the flatlands?
      I remember reading Judy Leden´s book “Flying with Condors” where she talks about paragliding cross-country over flatlands in Australia and how she stirred up a thermal by scattering a flock of sheep. I forget the details, but found it a cool idea. Only if you are desperate, of course : no need to ask the sheep for help generally speaking!
      Talking of animals, there could be a few stories about them lurking around in the brains of pilots who have landed out.
      Thanks for your comment!

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