Chinese writing appears as you watch

This is a screen print from a site called which shows the calligraphy brush caught in mid-character.  I don´t speak Chinese but do love the look of the writing and would like to learn it one day in the not-too-distant future.   The site has all sorts of fun things to look at. 

It reminds me of a young American student, whose book I read so many years back that I no longer have her name.  Perhaps you know of it?  She was teaching English in China and was living a fairly frugal life, far from the comfort and entertainment that we take for granted.  She started to copy the Chinese characters for something to do and because she liked the shape of them.  One day it dawned on her that she was beginning to understand what some of them meant.  It was a great moment for her and she must have managed to convey some of her excitement because I often think of her and her patience.

Incidentally, I found the link to through an article about the chinese keyboard.  It is on a site called longwei2china written by Ron, who has been in China since 2004.  Cool name for a site!  If you are interested in China, Chinese food and other aspects of Chinese life, it is well worth a visit.


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5 Responses to Chinese writing appears as you watch

  1. Daniel says:

    Dear Jenny
    I have ready the page, it´s really interesting, I think it will help me to enlarge my vocabulary. I will do it in the holiday.
    Best regards

    • Hello Daniel
      I am glad you like this page! I think Chinese writing is so beautiful. It amazes me when I see people writing quickly in Chinese, it seems like magic.

      • Daniel says:

        haha, thank you. we really take a long time to practice chinese handwriting.

      • Well, 起去旅行, maybe I can start by keeping a list of the names of the people I know. Little by little I might be able to begin to recognise them. At the moment it is still a bit of a puzzle for me.
        Hope I got your name right after all that !!

        Does 哈哈 mean haha?

  2. Daniel says:

    yes, 一起去旅行 is my internet nick name,
    哈哈 means haha,means the sound of laugh

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