“The universe is written in a mathematical language”

        Galileo: The universe is written in a mathematical language


Mathematics is a foreign language for some people. It is one that I don´t speak fluently. But this morning I was seeing what short radio programmes on science could be recommended, for people who are learning English but are more interested in science than languages, and gave myself a shock.BBC Maths - a spellbinding story

The  shock was finding a totally fascinating 15 minute programme. I enjoyed it entirely, as the Irish might say.

An Oxford professor, Marcus du Sautoy, was talking about “the personalities behind the calculations from Newton to the present day” and how these “masters of abstraction find a role in the real world” He was making a really good story out of it, better than most of the stories I have heard before.

The series can be found on http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/maths
The episode which blew me away was about Nicholas Bourbaki.

You may not see me getting books on algebra out of the library but I sure as hell want to know more about those other mathematicians du Sautoy talks about.


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3 Responses to “The universe is written in a mathematical language”

  1. You find the best resources. As someone partnered to a math geek I can tell you these were delightful. I hope you keep finding these nuggets. They are great.
    Take care!

    • Thanks, David. You remind me of some of the early English kings. They were called “Ethelred the Unready” or “Richard the Lionheart”. Perhaps you would have been “David the Appreciative”. Glad you enjoyed the Maths stories. Jenny

    • Another thought, David:
      If you and your partner like geeky stuff, you might like to try http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/iot/all one day. IOT stands for “In our time”, a programme in which various academics are invited to discuss some arcane subject. The quality is superb and it is one of the BBC´s most popular and long-running programmes, hosted by Melvyn Bragg.

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