284 words in a month

Give your English vocabulary a work-out over the next few days!

This is to help students who are preparing for a tough exam in English, the TOEFL test. A high score enables them to study at a university in an English-speaking country. TOEFL students have to know a lot more words than you would find in an average newspaper.
The best way to learn new words is to see them in a natural context but sometimes that takes too long. Lists have no context and can be boring.  But I took a special list of 284 words offered by a TOEFL expert on https://www.notefull.com/content.php?pgID=297

The Noteful list was compiled from real TOEFL tests. Answers were analysed to find out which words students found hard.   Using it as a starting point I have added a range of ways to play with the words.     Good luck with the challenges.

Here is an easy one to start with.  There are some German words for spice but you don´t need to know them.
Which word fits with the clue listed below?
autonomous,  motivated, strangers, envision, bemoaned, essential, exceedingly, strategies,
submit, momentum

Complex plan – like in business; game plan – like in chess
Enthused; having a strong reason to do something; inspired
Independent; selbständig; unabhängig
Lamented; expressed regrets; beklagte
Movement; (keeps the ball rolling); der Schwung

People you don´t know; Sinatra song “____ in the night”; Fremden
Put forward; suggest; einreichen
To picture; to imagine; sich (bildhaft) vorstellen
Ultra; very very; extremely
Vital; the most important thing; notwendig

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2 Responses to 284 words in a month

  1. How great to get your posts again. As usual, they inspire. And the game approach is fun. I hope to see more of your research soon.

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