284 words in a month #2

Day 2
Your store of words today contains these words:

In-di-cate, ac-cus-tomed, de-vas-ta-tion,           re-ject (noun or re-ject verb),  de-ci-mated,        re-lo-cate (US English re-lo-cate), ac-cuse of,   re-mind, de-vised, in-clu-ded.

Can you include them all in a paragraph of 100 words which makes sense? You can change the words slightly if you need to, for example accuse/accused.

I´ll wait a bit before giving you my paragraph because it would be fun to see one or two of yours first.


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2 Responses to 284 words in a month #2

  1. Here ya go in less than 60 words. 🙂

    “I was not accustomed to devastation. Being included in the list of rejected scholars reminded me of the promise that if I ever felt decimated I would relocate to America. There, we had friends who had devised a plan. Our arrival indicated one of us was accused of failure and together we would try again.”

    • Very concise … I am impressed.
      You could make a good film about friendship or teamwork based on that.
      PLOT (now 72 words). A bunch of children, good friends, all decide to stick together, united against any misfortune (like the Three Musketeers). The lead character has a really bad time at school, or goes to university and can´t get a job in spite of heroic efforts. He or she feels totally broken and defeated by this experience. Remembering their decision, they all emigrate, and friends help them start a new life.
      This would look good as a cartoon strip too!

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