284 words in a month #6 – Making sentences

When you are working in a foreign language it takes a little practice before you can link seemingly unconnected words into one theme. Tips for using your words in a sentence:

TIP ONE: Try two at a time, to begin with. For instance, you may be able to think of a situation where “daily” and “ideal” would appear in the same sentence, or the hazards of contracts.

daily ideal
contract, contractual hazards
vulnerable crisis
productive, productivity workdays
prolong humorous

TIP TWO: An on-line dictionary can help you to find those all-important phrases and collocations (words which often go together). In German or French I would recognise “Krise” or “Crise” but might know how to say “in a crisis situation” or “because of the economic crisis”.
Taking linguee.de as an example, I can look up the whole phrase “in a crisis” and the site will give me examples in German and English. For this particular phrase I can click “mehr Ergebnisse” … at the bottom of the page and get even more examples. Say I chose the last one:

“The war in Iraq and the Iranian diplomatic crisis are also unsettling the markets. emagazine.credit-suisse.com
Zudem verunsichern der Krieg im Irak sowie die diplomatische Krise mit Iran die Märkte. emagazine.credit-suisse.com”

I adapt it to read : “The Iranian diplomatic crisis is unsettling the financial markets and people are feeling vulnerable about their future income”.

As with any web material, there may be errors.  If you have to tread carefully.

TIP THREE is to choose something from your own experience, like the icy weather, as a starting point.
                                                               Kleve, 5 Feb 2012

See if you can link this photo of the “water” in the park as a theme to link two or more of today´s words.  Then you can talk with a friend about it, using some of the words again.  When you use the words often, they become part of your normal vocabulary, not something out of TOEFL word list.   The more you use them, the more quickly you will be able to bring them to mind.


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2 Responses to 284 words in a month #6 – Making sentences

  1. jennifer says:

    thank you for giving me such great tips in making sentences. haha…you photographed this picture?where is it? maybe I could go there for skating! Such terrible cold weather prolong my ideal plan of travelling to Italy on holidays….but your photo inspire me to go to Switzerland for skiing! It must be exciting!

    • Hi Jennifer
      Udo took this photo. It is near the “Tierpark”, on the same road as the art museums. You might have seeen it in the summer when there were fountains. Switzerland must be gorgeous at this time of year. You can also ski in the Saarland, only 3 hours south-east of here. We visited Willingen last April and we would like to go back there this year some time. The hills are gentler than the Alps, but still plenty of winter sports are held there. I guess there must also be some ski resorts in northern Italy in the Alps or the Dolomites. Let´s hope you can get away and do some travelling soon. Jenny.

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