Learn 284 words in a month #9 – Dutch skating


This six-minute video is about a year old now, but it is very topical and your challenge is to watch it in Dutch, with Dutch and English subtitles, and comment on it in English or Dutch!
The ten TOEFL words for today can be found below:
Conditions guarantee proceed unsatisfactory confident habitats process vigorously, confine, handle
Icy conditions in Europe are guaranteeing that the ice-skating can proceed! On Saturday there will be a day-long event on the Dutch TV about it.
Often the winters are not cold enough and the event is cancelled, which is most unsatisfactory.  However, we are lucky this year and can watch the skaters gliding vigorously down the canals of the Netherlands. I can´t handle ice skating very well, unfortunately, so will confine myself to being a spectator, in my normal winter habitat of our warm flat.
The process of processing on skates is surely one of the most elegant and cheerful sights of the Dutch winter. I am confident that you will enjoy it.


is an extremely helpful site if you are learning Dutch.  They have a good selection of short, subtitled videos.   Even if you just want to see more about the Netherlands, this is a good place to start.


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