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284 words in a month #4 – Whisky

When I was still at school we had a dog called Whisky, a Border Terrier. Each morning I used to take him for a walk in the fields by the river Medway in Kent. Normally I had a vocabulary book … Continue reading

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284 words in a month #3

Here is a crossword made up of today´s words. Your challenge is to invent clues for them in the REPLY box below. Across   1, 4, 6, 8, 9   Down   2, 3, 5, 7, 10  

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284 words in a month #2

Day 2 Your store of words today contains these words: In-di-cate, ac-cus-tomed, de-vas-ta-tion,           re-ject (noun or re-ject verb),  de-ci-mated,        re-lo-cate (US English re-lo-cate), ac-cuse of,   re-mind, de-vised, in-clu-ded. Can you include them all in a paragraph of 100 words which makes sense? You can … Continue reading

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284 words in a month

Give your English vocabulary a work-out over the next few days! This is to help students who are preparing for a tough exam in English, the TOEFL test. A high score enables them to study at a university in an … Continue reading

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Linguists on foot #3 – Knulp

Yesterday and the day before I´ve been writing about people who used languages for trade. Today it is the turn of Knulp, who used language for friendship. Strictly speaking, you couldn’t describe him as a linguist. In some ways he … Continue reading

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Linguists on foot # 2 – The “linen men”

This handsome statue stands in Willingen and is known as the Linnenkerl, linen man. Willingen is in the hilliest part of our region, the Sauerland in North Rhine Westphalia, and we were there to check out the possibility of paragliding … Continue reading

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Linguists on foot #1 – Hendrik Busman

One of the interesting things about languages is how they spread and change. In the last couple of weeks I have seen two statues of merchants who carried goods, on foot, from one town to the next. They must have … Continue reading

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